Variation in KB Toys’ Irwin figures

Variations in Irwin DBZ figures are kind of unseen until now, except for the extremely noticeable Majin Vegeta hair colors. Anyway, in the recent flood of figures to KB Toys, you will find tons and tons of Series 4 Piccolos, Vegetas, and Gokus, along with tons of SS Goten and SS Trunks 2 packs, and I think Daburas. There were also a ton of Series 2 Striking Z Fighters and Secret Saiyan Warriors. I only picked up a Goten and Trunks 2 pack and a Series 4 Goku.

When I was in the store, I noticed that the Piccolos, Vegetas, and Gokus all lacked the gloss of the original Series 4 figures. When I opened the package Goku was in, I discovered the plastic he is made of is much softer in texture (perhaps not in quality though), and his pupils were much larger than the old Series 4 glossy one (side-by-side comparison).

Which is better you ask? I prefer the original; I liked the glossy clothes because they looked very smooth. To sum it up, these are definitely a second release of series 4 figures, because there is no way there would be such a difference. In a way, it is a correction, because the Android 17 and 18 from Series 4 lacked the glossy look of those three. As for SS Goten and SS Trunks, no major difference, the pupils are a more lime green than my originals and the hair seems to have less red or orange in it. It’s undeterminable if it is a variation, or just a re-release of the figures because of a large popularity boost from the character Gotenks.

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