FUNimation's eps 1-53 coming, Pioneer's license expire in August.

This is all stuff that we knew was coming, but it’s been made official now. (Source: Anime News Network)

FUNimation has confirmed to ANN that they intend to re-dub, re-master and release the first 53 TV episodes of Dragonball Z uncut on DVD. In their re-mastered releases they will include aproximately 12 episodes worth of material that Pioneer had to remove from the show to satisfy the broadcast standards of the time. As for the 3 movies, it seems likely that they will re-do them, but there are no plans right now.

Pioneer Entertainment had originally released material, first 53 episodes of Dragonball Z on DVD back on 17 DVDs, along with the first 3 DBZ movies on 3 more DVDs. However on August 31st, Pioneer’s license to the material (sub-licensed from FUNimation) will expire. They have officially informed retailers that they will not take orders or returns for the DVDs after Ausgust 31st.

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