The following JAKKS Dragonball figures are in the latest issue of Diamond Previews:

Dragonball Serise 2 7 inch figures:
Tournment Goku, Mai, Lunch and Yamcha and Puar

Dragonball Z Two packs:
Goten and Trunks, Supreme Kai and Kabito and Goku and Vegeta

Dragonball Z light and sound figures:
Piccolo, Super Saiyan Vegito and Super Saiyan Vegeta

Dragonball Z Striking figures:
Captain Ginyu, Goku, Krillin and Recoome!

Dragonball Z series 13
Vegito, Gotenks, Mystic Gohan, Tien and Buu.

Well, Striking Z shows that people will be getting figures from the previous sagas!

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