Irwin Model Kits Series 3 - Images Up!

Irwin’s third series of model kits are light years ahead of the previous two. In case you missed the first two, they were bit-for-bit exactly the same as the AB or Bandai kits. Each figure, with very little exception, was the exact same as the others, except for the head and the clothes.

Irwin’s really made incredible improvements with this third series. Each figure’s entire body is a unique mold, with unique sculpting and accessories. Each figure has special features that really make it stand out, for instance:
  • Android 20 has a removable hat, with an exposed brain, just like the action figure.
  • Android 16 has a spring-launcher that shoots his hand clear across the room (as opposed to the Android 16 figure, the hand on which is simply removable).
  • Cell’s armor is not molded in, but is in fact made up of separate pieces which attach over his skin (which is blue). The construction makes a huge difference in the final look of the figure. Also, this figure has the purple sideburns, unlike other Irwin Cell figures.
  • Gohan’s body mold is much smaller than the other figures’. That’s about it for Gohan, other than his cape.
These models are the first Irwin has released that are really worth their sticker price. Pick them up today, in huge numbers, and convince Irwin that this series is worth continuing!

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Posted by Jess Horsley on November 14, 2002 09:30 PM


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