Rumors? We prefer "Information yet to be confirmed"

Lots of Irwin info flying around lately, here’s a taste:

Toys R Us has posted pre-order links (no pix) for series 13 on their website, with a lineup consisting of Pikkan with head wrap, Super Saiyan Vegito-blond hair, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks with yellow ball, and Kibitoshin. Irwin hasn’t confirmed these yet, but one assumes TRU wouldn’t just make things up. We’ll see when everyone else comes back to work on Monday. (Thanks to VegetaJr18 for the heads up there.)

Also, user Atamaii has posted the following on the message boards (MB thread):

Here is some info Irwin passed to retailers you may be interested in:

The SS Trunks and SS Goten 2 packs from series 8 will be available as a solid case and are shipping now.

Series 10 and 11 changes: Bulma moves out of series 10 and into series 11. SS3 Goku (with the big hair) moves out of series 11 and into series 10.

No model kits series 4 this year. (Dabura, Spopovich, Great Saiyaman, and SS Gohan).

No mention of any yellow haired or any-haired Vegeta. Can we just let it go?

Some release date changes. Next dates for things are: Series 9 mid Jul, small vehicles late Jul, large vehicles late Aug, Yu Yu Hakusho series 1 is already late (and was not made in great numbers).

This info is reliable, I will try to confirm it myself. Unfortunately for me, Irwin’s sales departments are much more forthcoming than their PR department…

And finally, for those of you who are interested, BigBadToyStore is shipping Mega PVC Megatrons this week. Order now if you haven’t yet.
Posted by Jess Horsley on June 2, 2002 08:05 AM


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