Custom Submissions Open, Pigs take to the air

What’s this?
A Customs Submission Period?
Have I gone mad?

Well, yeah— but that has nothing to do with Customs!
So, take pictures of your customs, scan them up, do whatever it takes to send in your customs!

The following are the rules and regulations for the submissions:

  • Filetypes must be .jpg format.
  • Image size should be no more than 300 × 500 pixels
  • Please send information on how the figures were made (What figures went into making it, what paint was used, etc.)
  • Please send the images as attachments, rather than embedded in the actual email. This goes especially for AOL users

If these guidelines are not followed, the email will be deleted.

Also, if you are new to the customs section (If you haven’t submitted any customs here before), please send some additional information to me- Your name, age and location are optional- not required (For your safety)… also, a self portrait would also be helpful as it is YOUR page I will be making. Again, this is entirely optional in case you are uncomfortable doing this.

Send your customs to the following address: - ***NOTE: There is no underscore in this email address!***
Also, please title your email with your name and “customs”
Emails sent to “the_kappa” (with an underscore) will be deleted!

Also, this sumbission is all out- There was a maximum amount of customs in previous submissions— this time, send as many as you have!

Submissions end in one week’s time- Next Friday May 3rd— at 6:15 eastern time!

Thanks and good luck!
Posted by on April 26, 2002 06:16 AM


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