Dragonball Z Striking Z Figures make "Dirty Dozen" list

The Lion and Lamb Project released their annual “Dirty Dozen” list for the 2001-2002 holiday season today… The Striking Z Irwin figures made the list!

While I’m fully aware that this is supposed to be a bad thing, I think this is great.

The blurb on the site had the following to say:

Dragon Ball Z “Striking Z Fighters” series, Irwin Toys

Recommended Age: 4+

Description: A series of plastic action figures based on the violent anime cartoon program Dragon Ball Z.

Why we chose it: This figure encourages pre-schoolers to re-enact the fighting they see on the Japanese anime TV show Dragon Ball Z—which tops the Cartoon Network’s ratings. The Goku character comes with a “striking wall” and features “front kicking action!” The Trunks figure comes with “side kicking action!” and Piccolo comes with “double punch action!”

I’m really surprised that they didn’t pick something a little bit more violent… like the 9” Collectors edition figures. They’re pretty bloody.

As a side note, I’ll be going away for a while. My Striking Z figures encouraged me to commit a violent act, and I’m going to prison.

What’s that, Striking Z Piccolo? You want me to eat my neighbour…?


You can find the rest of the “Dirty Dozen” list HERE.
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