I’m assuming that everyone who wants to has watched the FUNimation IF Labs Flash video (which was very well done, if a mite on the silly side) linked below has done so. If you haven’t you’d better do so, before you check out the extracted prototype Lord Slug image from it. I’ve brightened it a bit so you can get a better look at the detail on the figure.

Also, we’ve added another advertiser to the “Support Our Site” section. Actually, TFAW.com has long been one of our supporters, and they’re back now, after a short hiatus while they switched programs. They have a ton (multiple tons!) of Dragonball and anime merchandise they’d love to sell you, and everything you buy from them helps us out a little bit. So buy a lot. :-)

Posted by Jess Horsley on October 21, 2001 06:52 AM


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