Why do we exist again?

From FUNimation’s Club-Z newsletter:

Somewhere deep within the FUNimation establishment surrounded by the desolate walls resides the infamous Dr. Toymangla, the Mastermind for IF Labs.

Dr. Toymangla, a lean, methodical, and disturbing man has for quite some time been anxiously operating a laboratory cloning the exact replications of DBZ’s leading roles. The detail and awesomeness of each figure is unbelievable.

Discover Dr. Toymangla’s secret DBZ Movie Collection action figures
Thursday October 18th at http://www.dragonballz.com/stats.cfmzid=4944&LID=12 and login to Club Z, as we reveal their identity. You, as a Club Z member, will be the first to see his meticulous and detailed of work of …. Oops! We almost gave it all away.

Also on the 18th, chat with Brice Armstrong, voice actor for Lord Slug, and Dr. Toymangla at 6:00pm EST. As an added bonus, you can explore an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Dr. Toymangla’s figures.

See you there if you dare!


Hmmm…interesting. I wonder if they are going to have another event just for the media, or if they’ll be announcing all new figures this way. Anyway, mark it down on your calendar.

Posted by Jess Horsley on October 12, 2001 06:58 PM


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