More Pre-Toyfair news from has just put up images of the new sound&light figures, which Irwin has announced will be evolving into a new series of “Energy Glow” figures, a prototype of which was on display at the show. It looks fairly impressive—the gimmick gets an 8 on the 10-point ‘silly gimmick’ scale.

I do think that I speak for a lot of collectors when I say that I’d rather see more regular figures (except perhaps some super-articulated, Spider-Man type 5” figures) than all of these gimmicks. It seems a shame that we’re asked to pay $3-5 more for a figure because of gimmick; especially when companies such as Toy Biz and others build light, motion, and sound gimmicks into nearly every figure without increasing the price. It’s enough to make me start collecting Star Wars figures again. :-)

Posted by Jess Horsley on September 14, 2001 03:38 AM


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