Irwin and Funimation deal officially announced!

It’s official!

Irwin and Funimation have come together to make a new toy company called IF Labs! They made the announcement this previous week at the Wizard World convention in Chicago!

And, since we were unable to make it to Wizard World this year, our buddies over at managed the scoop!

“IF action figures will be made with the collector in mind using exceptional paint detail and sculpting. The mission of IF Labs is to create product of the highest quality and value,” reports Gen Fukunaga, Co-Manager of IF Labs and President of FUNimation.

IF Labs premieres January 2002 with the Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection. Series One of the collection will star

*Battle Damaged Super Saiyan Goku
*Battle Damaged Piccolo
*evil nemesis Cooler

all from the Direct to Home Video Dragon Ball Z Feature Film “Cooler’s Revenge” to be released January 22, 2002. Also joining this infamous lineup is Lord Slug, the evil meance in the Direct to Home Video Dragon Ball Z Feature Film entitled Lord Slug.

Each figure will measure from 7-8” in height, with a yet undecided retail price, though IF stated that it will be competitive with the existing collector market. A major Fast Food toy promotion is also planned. No figure prototypes were on display at the Con, but expect images a few months before their debut.

The article then goes on to announce IF Labs’ plans for a second series of Dragonball Z Movie figures (Based on Movie 6 titled “Cooler’s Revenge” here in North America) and a set of figures based on the original Dragonball series!

The article does not mention if Irwin’s Fully articulated line will continue beyond 2002 or if it will end where IF Lab’s Movie line begins…

To read the whole article, please click HERE

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