One Sculpting Studio revealed for new FUNimation/Irwin toyco!


New Dragonball Z toys by IF to receive a “grittier” look by Toxic Mom!

In a move much like Mattel’s upcoming, new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe line, it has been revealed that ONE of the sculpting studios behind these new toys will be Toxic Mom’s Studio.

Ralph Cordero from Toxic Mom explains that “The characters we did for IF toys are Dragonball Z related- Lord Slug (a Deluxe figure) and a new Bulma in battle attire for a new wave of toys that Funimation is designing and having sculpted by U.S. talent. The Protos are then sent to Irwin for fabrication. The new Dragonball (Z) figures are going to be a lot more grittier and Mcfarlanesque (a phrase we are hearing alot more these days,) companies are really into the anime line he (Todd McFarlane) put out and it seems to be a mainstay of art direction for the stateside toy producers.”

Not familiar with Toxic Mom’s Studio? The company is known for alot of work for Resaurus, such as Speed Racer Series 2 (Inspector Detector), and unrealesed Gex figures (Pirate Skeleton, Sarge and Mooshoo Pork to name some- accessories, TV and such, were done by the model makers at Resaurus). The company is also currently behind High Dream’s upcoming Tekken Tag Vinyl Figures.

Posted by Jess Horsley on July 31, 2001 08:59 PM


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