Secret Saiyans and Striking Z Fighters

New release information:

The Secret Saiyan Warriors are now available for $13.90 each at the Dragonball Z Specialty Store. Do those images look familiar—nah, surely not. :) Thanks to Cory Scanlon for sending that in.

Also, I’ve been getting reports from different sources that say that the Striking Z Fighters have been found at Wal-Mart. The e-mails don’t say if this is Canada or the US, nor has anyone sent images yet, so I am reluctant to declare them “out”. However, keep an eye out for them.

And finally, no, I don’t have a concrete release date for Series 5. I’m guessing people will start finding them any day now, but that’s in no way definite. Unfortunately, I left my oracle at Delphi! Hah! Heh, heh… not a lot of Greeks in the crowd today, are there?

Posted by Jess Horsley on July 19, 2001 10:48 PM


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