Trunks Time Capsule set for September

Check out the following press release from Irwin Toy:

Irwin Toy this September will debut the long-awaited Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule into retail stores across the U.S. and Canada, highlighting the most spectacular and extensive Dragon Ball Z toy line ever.

Each beautifully designed Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule will feature an exclusive 5-inch action figure of “Trunks,” the amazingly popular character on the #1 Dragon Ball Z TV series on the Cartoon Network’s famed after school Toonami Block.

In addition to the Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule , the Irwin Toy line up of new products for the fall holiday shopping season will include new Dragon Ball Z action figures, vehicles and accessories, each based on the storyline of the hit TV series children and collectors loyally follow. Kevin Sayer, Marketing Manager, said “Dragon Ball Z is riding a tremendous wave of popularity and is topping Nielson ratings on the Cartoon Network, where it airs every day. In recent Nielsen TV Ratings of the Cartoon Network, Dragon Ball Z topped every boys’ category. When Lycos began its Kids Top 50 List of Internet searches, Dragon Ball was #1, and is also consistently #1 among all searches on Lycos’ Weekly Top 50 List.” Sayer said, “Irwin Toy’s exciting, fun line up will ignite children’s imaginations and bring them hours upon hours of Dragon Ball Z fun. A major advertising, marketing, PR and promotional campaign will support the Dragon Ball Z product introductions.”

Source: Beckett Dragonball Z Collector

Posted by Jess Horsley on June 28, 2001 03:00 AM


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