More Palisades News!

More news from Palisades!

I received more news from Loki and a representative from Palisades. The first thing I should list is a correction to my last post concerning the mini-busts: While I said it wasn’t confirmed, I received the following quote from the Palisades representative concerning the Buu saga busts:

“While this isn’t something we have ruled out for the future it isn’t something we are working on either.”

So, no Buu saga busts are set in stone as of yet (pardon the pun)…

Next, he was nice enough to send along four beautiful pictures of the busts, finished and approved for sale by Funimation!

Perfect Cell
Android 18
Goku (not yet approved)

The final thing is, the Palisades representative asks that we forward him all the feedback on the busts, and that it would be both appreciated, and very helpful concerning future releases. I’m going to start a topic on the discussion boards, and forward the comments on to Palisades, so head over there and post your thoughts!

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