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I’ve finished the new page for Irwin’s new Deluxe Imperfect Cell figure, and I’ve replaced the desciption on the ChiaoTzu page, sorry about that. The new pages aren’t live from the old figure pages yet, so that will be my next task.

Also, I’ve redone the existing figure pages so that the preview images are actually smaller files. The large images will only be downloaded when you click on them, so hopefully, this will reduce load time for each main page.

And, here’s an interesting tidbit that I got in my mailbox today from the UK:

While in my local woolworths in liverpool In england (I dont know if there is a liverpool USA ?!) I saw some DBZ figures in strange new packaging. Apparantly these are distributed by a company called kidsbiz and are a rerelease of some of the AB stuff from france including hildegarn and janeba. I was wondering if you knew anything about these strange new toys as the lineup seems very odd to me (2 gotenkses but no ssj vegeta! and the only goku is ssj3 goku!)

If this is correct, it looks like AB is trying to cash in on the new American hype for DBZ. If anyone has images of these releases, please send them in! Thanks to Richard Gregory for sending this in.

And one more note to UK fans—I get a bunch of e-mails about figure and general DBZ merchandise distribution in England—unfortunately, AB still holds the license there, so it’s going to be extremely hard for you to find the new Irwin releases, or anything comissioned by FUNimation. The reason for this, mainly, is that sellers do not want to get in legal trouble for possibly violating copyright laws by selling overseas. I hope to find a place that will soon, and I will attempt to post it in a way that draws little offical attention (read: message boards), so it won’t be noticed by the monster powers.


Posted by Jess Horsley on April 24, 2001 10:52 AM


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