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If you haven’t checked out the rest of’s anime coverage from Toyfair 2001, it’s about time you got over there! Here are some links to help you out:

McFarlane: 3D Animation from Japan Series 2 - Akira, Ghost In the Shell, Armitage, Soultaker, and Tenchi figures

Bandai: Anime Collector - Escaflowne, Big O, Pilot Candidate, Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop figures

Toycom - Future Ninja, Ghost In The Shell, Giant Robo, and Samurai X figures

And, finally, if you are interested in pre-ordering Irwin series 4 or the Palisades bust of Son Gokou, pick up the latest issue of Previews at your local comic shop, and tell the owner to order that stuff for you!

Posted by Jess Horsley on February 22, 2001 11:11 AM


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