Yet more TF news...

In these last few weeks before Toyfair, Irwin’s locked up tighter than a drum, news-wise, and so to fill the void, here’s some more news for Transformers fans:

Transformers Generation One PVC set 2 is now available for pre-order at many online stores. This new assortment includes Grimlock, Optimus Prime (vehicle mode), Hot Rod, Galvatron, Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime), and Minerva (the only one never released in America). Each comes in clear and painted versions, and there are two special figures: Hot Rod with the matrix, and a new Galvatron. If you want to order single packages (figures are random), I recommend Explosion Toys, and if you want to order a complete case of twelve (which guarentees you one of each figure), I recommend

Posted by Jess Horsley on January 30, 2001 10:31 PM


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