Message board... fixed?

The board accounts should be returned.. some names, however, may have been changed.. try your passwords that you REQUESTED when you signed up (If you’ve changed your password since you requested and signed up)

If there’s been any changes that I know of, I’ve emailed you. If your account is still not working, email me for me to fix it. It could be possible that your password has changed and I don’t know of it… If you are emailing me for repairs, make sure you email me from the address you requested your account from. If your repair request email and the original account request email don’t match up, your email will be deleted (This is to stop people from taking others accounts over in the wake of the board problems)

The user account file has been backed up to prevent this from happening again.

Due to the board crashing, I’m going to have to delay customs submissions for another week or so until all the dust from this settles… I appologize in advance to all customizers waiting to send stuff in.

Posted by on January 12, 2001 01:54 AM


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