Figure Reviews Up!

I’ve finally finished putting up all of the figure reviews I’ve received over the last … while. Check out what your compaitriots have to say on the following pages:
Irwin Series 14 Garlic Jr.
Irwin Series 14 Raditz
Irwin Series 14 Nappa
Irwin Series 14 Master Roshi
Irwin Series 15 Frieza II
Irwin Series 15 Yajirobe&Korin
Irwin Series 15 Burter
Irwin Series 15 Jeice
Irwin Series 15 Chiao Tzu
Irwin Diecast Trunks Time Capsule
Bandai SBC Vol. 5 Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 6 Freezer
Bandai SBC Vol. 7 SS Vegeta
Bandai SBC Vol. 8 Son Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 9 SS Son Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 10 SS Broly
Bandai SBC Vol. 12 SS Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 13 SS Gohan
Bandai SBC Vol. 15 Son Goten
Bandai SBC Vol. 16 Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 17 SS3 Son Gokou
Bandai SBC Vol. 19 SS Vegetto
Bandai SBC Vol. 23 Majin Boo
Bandai SBC Vol. 24 SS Gotenks
Bandai SBC Vol. 31 SS Trunks
Bandai SBC Vol. 33 Vegeta&Baby
Bandai SBC Vol. 34 Super Baby
That should be all of them. If you sent in figure reviews that were not put up in this update, please send me a polite e-mail letting me know—I had a lot to sort through, and they are especially hard to find when the e-mails are not labeled “figure review” or something to that extent.

Posted by Jess Horsley on October 31, 2000 11:40 PM


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