Why dbzstore.com hasn't gotten Series 14 + 15...

Hey everyone…
I just got an email from an insider at dbzstore.com who wishes to remain un-named… I asked them why they haven’t gotten the new figures..

Basically, they said that Irwin was going to ship the “specialty” packaging to the funimation store (The packaging that is supposed to be shipped to the specialty markets such as comic stores)… What Irwin failed to tell funimation was that the specialty packaging would not be available until the end of October. Upon finding this out, DBZSTORE.COM changed their order to normal packaging to get the figures up on the site quicker. This was the last time they heard from Irwin… Irwin isn’t returning Funimations calls, and they’ve been expecting the figures for two weeks now. Due to Irwins silence, Funimation is being left completely in the dark as to why they haven’t seen the figures. I was also informed that the “delay” in Series 14 and 15 to commercial stores such as Walmart, etc, isn’t because of the change of packaging… (As reported by EX)… They misunderstood… the delay is the one named above… and it’s to DBZSTORE.COM and not to commercial markets… (I was told this was partly in fault of the person who gave EX the information, as they weren’t exactly clear)


The good news:
“When we do get the toys in stock I will have them on the page a.s.a.p., probably within 2 hours of the truck arriving at our dock.”

I’ll keep you updated as I hear anything…

Posted by on September 28, 2000 12:01 PM


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