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I’ve completely overhauled the MGA page, adding everything from the Battle Bank to the Spaceship Camera (yeah, they aren’t action figures, I know, bite me). I’ve also made a page for the Irwin Playsets, including the Nimbus Cloud and the Rejuvenation Chamber. Also, I’ve added a page for the Irwin blasting energy action figures, because the news post with the links to the prototype pictures just fell into the archive, and it is painfully obvious from some of the e-mails I get that very few people read the old news.

And finally, there’s a pretty good article on the new Irwin Dragonball toys at Raving Toy Maniac. It mentions the 12” figures that I only mentioned once about 2 months ago on the news page — the way I heard it way back when, TRU was getting 4 exclusive figures, and KB was getting 2, but that info’s probably not correct anymore. But anyway, check out the article, and thanks to Piccolenks for posting the address on the MB.

Posted by Jess Horsley on September 21, 2000 04:33 AM


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