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I’ve got a few new pages up for you folks, to satisfy your thirsts until Irwin realizes the value of free advertising.

First off, I’ve finally broken down and made a page for the supposed Bandai US releases that I’ve received countless e-mails about. This includes the Battle Ready figures, the Giant Gokou and Vegeta, the 8” Light-Up Figures, and the ever elusive Blasting Action Gohan and Krillin. I personally think that most of these were never released (at least in the US), but if you can prove me wrong, I welcome you to try. However, only e-mail me about it if you can provide an original picture of one, either boxed or not. No e-mails saying “my brother’s friend had one”, etc, please.

Secondly, I’ve added three new sets to the AB Playsets page, including an airplane with a Gohan figure, a motorcycle with a Gokou figure, and an aircar with a (gasp) Trunks figure. Enjoy.

Finally, I’ve added a page for the SBC three pack. Thanks to Vegeta Jr. for the images of the AB sets and the three pack.

Oh, and a few issues I want to address: please, people, quit sending in images that you get off of eBay or ActionAce, or wherever you are swiping these images from! I don’t want them! If you want to point me to an auction, that’s fine, but it would be awfully hypocritical of me to steal other folks’ images when I get angry with people who steal mine. And a related note: to those of you who have stolen my images, especially those of you who have removed my tags from the new figure images to post on your site—please take them down. That’s the only time I’ll ask nicely.

That pretty much covers it, hopefully I’ll get some feedback from Irwin soon. In the meantime, look for the new figures!

Posted by Jess Horsley on August 21, 2000 07:05 AM


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