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As the Burger King Toy Set Giveaway entry period comes to a close, I realize, oh, have I forgotten to mention something? I believe I have, mainly because I just decided it after looking at the entries.

I asked very clearly on the entry page that people only submit 1 entry per day. Apparently, some people think that my wishes (I’m just the webmaster and contest administrator, remember) can be ignored, and submitted themselves many, many times per day—for example, a fella named jorrell decided that he could enter about a zillion times and not get noticed. Too bad. So, because I’m pretty mad about this, I’m making a new rule—anyone who entered the contest more than twice a day at any time is now disqualified. That should accomplish two things, the most important of which is that people who obeyed the rules and only submitted once a day will now have a much better chance of winning.

You don’t like it? You shouldn’t have pissed me off by ignoring the rules.

Posted by Jess Horsley on July 26, 2000 07:42 AM


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