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Ultimate Figure Series:
When they labeled this series Ultimate, they definitely meant it! Realistically stylized paint job and sculpt, these are some amazing 5” tall figures. Very comparable to McFarlane figures or at least the best you can get for Dragon Ball Z characters. But the most highly prized aspect of these figures is their 19 pt articulation. You can pretty much pose them in any battle ready position. Also, the vest comes off the figures and an extra set of hands are included (open hands & fists). These just release brand new series are from Bandai Asia 2003.

  • Songoku
  • Vegeta
  • Vegetto

Each at just $15.95!

Set of 6 Imagination Figures:
When Bandai Asia created this series, they definitely were on the right track. These diaramas from of your favorite figures from the 3 series are highly stylized and posed for ACTION! And the quality on these are superb with both colored and clear soft pvc plastic. Sizes vary but are around 4” tall. Just released and made by Bandai Asia 2003. Get the set of 6 for just $22.95!

Posted by Jess Horsley on September 21, 2003 09:44 AM


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