IF Labs Dragonball Series 2 rereleases

Jakks has recently rereleased the IF Labs Dragonball Series 2 figures Yamcha, Goku in orange gi, Launch, and Mai. They are carrying the Giant Ape logo but are in the same style of box. The figures are now painted by airbrush just like all the other Jakks figures, so there is a lack of detail in a way, but the details they did include are much clearer than the IF Labs versions; for example, the eyes on Yamcha, they are much better painted, but he lacks variation in the color on his clothes. It is a good way to collect the figures you missed, personally, my Yamcha IF Labs figure is my favorite figure in my entire collection, so I highly recommend getting it! Besides the lack of texture detail, I did notice that the Launch figure I looked at was missing some green paint on her shirt and the Goku had a black/gray fleck or blotch on his eye, so try to find the best figure if you are really picky. They are out now, so look for them!

Posted by on October 24, 2003 03:55 PM


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