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NEW this week:

  • Set of 5 Vinyl Figures from Bandpresto! These 6” quality painted figures include Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin & Tenshinhan! Just $59.95 for the set!
  • Set of 3 Action Posed EX Figures Series 1! These battle worn figures are poised ready for a fight with energy blast included! Available are Son Gohan, Super Saiyan Son Gokou & Piccolo; the set for just $59.95!
  • Dragon Ball Z Chess Set Statuette Pieces Series 2. Whether you play chess or not, these highly scultped figures are a most have for you hard core fans. 1 of 12 random pieces for $6.95!
  • Dragon Ball Z Mini Figures Series 3. And if you haven’t got enough of these cute super deformed figures, here is the 3rd installment of these highly collectible and intricately detailed toys. 1 of 10 random figures for just $5.95!

By end of next week, AHQ will be shipping the 3rd part of the Ultimate Figure Series including Super Siayn 3 Son Gokou, Ultimate Son Gohan & Gogeta for just $15.95 each or $44.95 for the set!

And now available at AHQ are Gift Certificates for those distinguished buyers! Tell your friends and family you want yours FIRST from AHQ.

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Posted by Jess Horsley on December 1, 2003 11:28 AM

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