Toy Fair 2004: JAKKS Pacific is granting wishes for Dragonball fans!

JAKKS Pacific is running strong with Dragonball, and plans to keep the line strong through all of 2004! Their showroom, while not as extensive as in previous years, featured previews of many new figures, a few expected, big-ticket items, and some surprises!

All of the images from JAKKS are available in our Toy Fair Gallery.

tf_asst.jpgDragonball Z/GT Basic Figures and Two-Packs
First and foremost, JAKKS is dedicated to keeping the basic figure line strong, both in single figure releases and two-packs. A number of figures were on display, the highlights of which were Baby from DBGT (both the baby-Baby and Super Baby Vegeta versions) and Dr. Muu. Dr. Muu’s sculpt features detail that is unprecedented in an American Dragonball basic figure. Also on display from Dragonball GT were SS3 Goku, SS Vegeta, SS Goku, Meta Rilldo, and SS Trunks. Further announced lineups are as follows:

Dragonball GT series 2

  • Super Saiyan Goku w/ accessory
  • Super Baby Vegeta w/ seven Dragonballs
  • Super Saiyan Trunks w/ accessory
  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Meta Rilldo w/accessory

Dragonball Z series 16

  • Nail w/ Namek dinosaur
  • Battle Damaged Goku w/ baby dinosaur
  • SS2 Trunks w/ baby Trunks
  • SS Teen Gohan w/ baby dinosaur
  • SS4 Gogeta w/ new blast
  • Little Goku w/ nimbus cloud

JAKKS is planning on releasing a new line of basic figures every two months; since DBZ series 15 is hitting stores now, expect DBGT series 2 in April, DBZ series 16 in June, etc. Other than the announced lineups and what was on display in the showroom, JAKKS as of yet is not committing to any specific figures.

Both JAKKS and FUNimation are really enthusiastic about the basic figure two-packs. In the showroom, we saw the “Brother vs. Brother” assortment, which includes:
* Battle Damaged Goku vs. Battle Damaged Raditz
* Nail vs. Battle Damaged Piccolo
* Super Saiyan Gohan vs. Super Saiyan Goten
The “Father & Son” two pack is definitely still in the plans (which, to spell it out, means that it is NOT cancelled), though they had nothing from it on display in the showroom.


We got a first look at the new Dragons, and they both are astounding. JAKKS is producing both regular Shenlon from Dragonball Z, and Red Shenlon from Dragonball GT! Each Dragon comes with a kid Goku figure (red gi for Z, blue gi for GT), as well as seven dragonballs, for $14.99.

Movie Collection

JAKKS is keeping a tight lip on their planned MC figures; however, they had two new figures on display, from movie 9! The first was a new Super Saiyan Gohan figure (which I mistook for Goku on first glance), and following that is the villain from movie 9, Bojack! The Bojack on display is not a final product, and the paint applications are still being nailed down, but the sculpt is wonderful, and it was a big surprise to see him there.


tf_buu.jpgThe Dragonball Chibis are a new line of super-deformed, Japanese-style figures, which will come in a gashapon-style capsule, for $2.99 each. Series 1 features Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Buu, Trunks, Super Saiyan Broly, and Goku from Dragon Ball Z, and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Goku, Vegeta from Dragon Ball GT. The figures will come both packed individually, as well as in three packs, packed like tennis balls. Brolly will be a chase figure.

TV Games

JAKKS is producing a Dragonball Z TV Game!. The joystick will be shaped like Shenlon, and it will include 3games.

Exclusive Figure

tf_exclusive.jpgFinally, JAKKS Pacific’s collector’s briefing ended with a bang – they gave each attendee a goody bag with an exclusive Toy Fair figure from each boys figure line! The Dragonball exclusive was a series 15 Vegeta figure, in a special package with an exclusive gold Vegeta Chibi! The chibi has a Toy Fair 2004 stamp on it, and is 1 of only 100 pieces. Only 100! And you’ll have a chance to get one, as we’re giving one away as a prize for our upcoming Scene Stealers II contest (check back for rules and dates after the 23rd)!

More Notes

FUNimation has no word on the status of the Dragonball movie. Though JAKKS Pacific has the master toy license for the Dragonball anime series, that does not necessarily translate to a master toy license for any movie property. So, while it’s probable that JAKKS will do any action figures from the live-action movie, if it’s made, it’s not a done deal at this point.

According to representatives, FUNimation is “always pushing for a new [Dragonball] series” from Toei. We spoke a bit about the resurgence of Dragonball in Japan, and both had already come to the conclusion that a new series is more likely in Japan than it has been for a long time, though only time will tell.

When asked about the possibility of JAKKS Pacific possibly working with Bandai Japan to import some of the new Japanese Dragonball figures, representatives gave a firm “no comment.” I don’t see this as a real probability, so it’s nothing I would count on.

JAKKS is really doing the Dragonball series justice by giving the fans just about everything they’ve asked for, and they’re dedicated to keeping the line going as long as they can. We, as Dragonball fans, are very well off with our master toy licensor.

Posted by Jess Horsley on February 15, 2004 08:31 PM

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