FUNimation announces new anime - Kodomo no Omocha!

FUNimation announced the acquisition of Kodomo no Omocha (a.k.a. Kodocha) on Saturday, April 10 at Anime Boston. The announcement was made during the industry panel at 3:00 p.m. ET. FUNimation expects the title to release around Spring or Summer 2005. Here is some background information:
Kodomo no Omocha is a zany, energetic comedy that focuses on the life of an eleven-year-old child actor Sana Kurata, who is trying to survive through life and adolescence. However, Sana’s life is quite different than the ordinary pre-teenager. She’s the daughter of a famous writer and the lead star in a national TV show called “Kodomo no Omocha,” which nearly everyone in Japan watches and loves.

Despite her stardom, Sana attends pubic school. At the start of the series, Sana’s class is terrorized by a bully named Akito Hayama, a cold and quiet boy who manages to rally the other boys around him and torment the classroom and the teacher. When Sana decides to stand up to Akito and tries to get him to stop, she discovers that the cause of Akito’s behavior is his troubled family life. Sana decides to help Akito through his problems. The rivalry ends and the friendship begins…or is there more?

Along with the zany comedy and Sana’s unlimited source of hyperactivity, the show also has moments of touching drama. The story is linear and the audience follows the lives of these characters through their ups and downs. The pace of the show is very active and witty.
Posted by Jess Horsley on April 12, 2004 03:39 PM

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