New DBZ items from Japan

There are some new things coming from Japan, and I also found pics of some recently released items!

posing set 3 is out now

MFS bottlecaps series 3 is out now

DB plastic model kits are coming out soon

posing figures 4 coming out in June most likely

Museum Collection Goku and Pirate Robot and Gohan on Shenron coming out in July

looks like new 12 inch figures

new banpresto 6 inch scale figures

As usual, these will most likely only be available in Japan and Hong Kong, so if you want them, try finding them on our sponsor’s online stores first! (look to the right of this news… pssst… those are the sponsors ;-) )

Also, I am lacking a ton of money I need to pay my rent, so I am selling my entire collection of AB figures. AB Figures are some of the coolest Dragonball Z figures ever, France did a great job in 1989. I will miss these figures dearly, but I will miss living in a place other than in the street even more, so I have to part with these. They all have buy it nows, so please bid.
my DBZ auctions

I will be selling more than just AB figures, so make sure to check this link everyday.

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