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Hi, this is Brangeta with the news from Japan. Here is where you see recent and upcoming releases of items being made for the Japanese DBZ fans.

picture These are upcoming small deformed figures that come on cool bases. The last set had Android 16, he was the most memorable from the collection. This set offers an odd assortment of characters that make me think there will be several sets in the future. It isn’t often that a Bora figure would be made.

picture These are posable set number 4. I am really excited about these, I’d love to get this set, but they are always really expensive $_$.

picture Cookie or Candy Jars! Really cute, I believe the Buu one comes with a plastic Dabura cookie inside _.

picture This is a great picture of posable set 3. That Gotenks is awesome!

picture These are 1 inch figures I think, I’m not real sure what to call them.

picture I bet there are more of these in the future, Tien and Chaozu are surely in the 3rd set.

picture These are a new set of chess pieces. I really like the Yamcha one, I may need to get that from someone _. I’m not sure what the figures at the bottom are.

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