Dragonball Z Series 17 at Krypton Collectables!

Our good friend Sandy over at Krypton Collectables has Dragonball Series 17 in stock and ready to ship. Each figure is being sold at an awesome $8 price point.

The assortment includes the following characters each with attachable energy blast:
-Commander Ginyu (with Milky Cannon Striking Action)
-Recoome (with Eraser Cannon Striking Action)
-Super Saiyan Vegeta (in Namek style armor)
-Kaioken Son Goku

There are also some Dragonball Z Series 16 figures and Giant Ape Movie Collection figures at unbeatable prices. Grab them while you can!

Also new at Krypton Collectibles this week: Lord of the Rings Minimates, Lord of the Rings Two Towers Series 4, Justice League of America Series 2, First Appearance Wave 2, and Batman: HUSH Series 2.

Be sure to drop in and check it all out:
Krypton Collectibles Dragonball Selection

Posted by on December 18, 2004 09:48 PM

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