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Although it may be known by some, this will be news to many Dragonball fans. There was actually a second introduction sequence to the Dragonball anime series that started with the Piccolo Daimao story arc. Much like Dragonball Z having two intros, Cha La Head Cha La and We Gotta Power, it seems the original Dragonball series did as well.

This introduction sequence not being included on our domestic DVD releases by Funimation is frustrating. However, it is understandable that Toei Animation is not always forthcoming when providing materials well over ten years old to Funimation. They may have forgotten it, or just lost track of it. We may never know for sure, but there is a way to at least catch a glimpse of this lost intro.

A website known as has this second intro viewable on thier site, as well as the Original Japanese intro, the Harmony Gold 1987 version, the Saban/Funimation/Trimark 1994 version, and the 2001 Funimation redub version that you will find on all the DVD releases. Check out the lost Dragonball intro sequence by clicking the link below:

Piccolo Daimao Saga Intro Theme @

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