New Dragonball Z Video Releases


Dragonball Z Season Saga Sets are now available in stores. The newest volume, Season 5, which includes the Imperfect and Perfect Cell Sagas releases on May 27th, 2008. These sets are formated in an adjusted widescreen presentation, and include a new audio track that combines the english dub voices with the original Japanese music score. Not a bad deal for roughly $30 per set.


Dragonball Z Movies and Specials are also available in this new widescreen format with additional audio track. A Special two pack that includes the Bardock and Trunks features has been released on DVD, and a Broly double feature that includes Movies 8 & 10 is available on Blu-ray disc. DVD and Blu-ray editions of Movies 1 & 2 will be available May 27th as well. Be sure to check them out and fill any holes in your collection.

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