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Banpresto certainly is giving us a lot of be excited for this holiday season! Tons of new figures coming from Banpresto this month, including new One Piece/Dragonball crossover items, as well as some figures that they have made in conjunction with the company PansonWorks !

Here is breakdown of some of the new items coming to the Banpresto UFO Catcher games!:

Z High Grade Coloring Key-holder Vol 1.2(Check out King Vegeta!)

Z High Spec Coloring Figure 5

Z Assembly Type High Quality DX Soft Vinyl Figure VOL. 3(Goku and Freeza)

Z Assembly Type DX Dragonball Creatures vol 2(King Piccolo and Porunga)

GT Super DX Soft Vinyl Figure IN Box(Re-release of the SS4Goku & SS4Vegeta from earlier this year.)

Dragonball Z x ONE PIECE DX Assembly Type Figure

And more! To see picture of everything, Please visit The Banpresto Dragonball Main Page
Also, in the picture above, you can see some of Banpresto’s new Ichiban Kuji items! Ichiban Kuji, as I understand it, referes lottery type games. To see more of the Ichiban Kuji items, please check

Posted by Amanda Sukenick on December 1, 2008 04:01 AM

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