Okay, submissions for the Create Your Own Character contest are now closed. Great Sage and I will do the judging as soon as I get everything organized enough to send over to him. Remember, the only snail mail entries we will be accepting after this point will be the ones from people who have already contacted me.

And, as far as the new Burger King figure giveaway, looks like I didn’t have everything ironed out after all, for the entry form text was black on a black background—oops, but it’s fixed now. Enter away!

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Hey folks, you’ve only got one more day to get those entries in for the “Create Your Own Character” contest! We’ve gotten a lot of entries so far, but it seems I’ve gotten even more promises for entries that have never materialized! What happened to everyone who requested my address to mail in your entries? If you are or have already mailed in your entry, please e-mail me, and we’ll put off the judging until I have received it (or at least for a few days, we’re not waiting forever). You must e-mail me before the end of the contest for me to take this into consideration!

Good luck, and don’t forget to enter the next contest in July!

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The fate of Irwin's 1&2 inch lines

According to Bret Dilabbio at Irwin Toy, the 1 and 2 inch figure lines may not have much more time left—Irwin is a bit discontented with the fan response to the lines, and thus may discontinue them soon. Furthermore, they have no plans to tool figures of their own on that scale, so if they did decide to keep them coming, they would be rereleases of the AB and Bandai sets, but he said that if that were the case, they would have no real way to tell ahead of time which assortments would be released.

And I was hoping for the Christmas set, bummer.

On another note, here’s a small issue cleared up. Despite what FUNI published in its last newsletter, series 16 will contain Cell, not Krillin. Sorry folks. However, I do have some good news…

Images of Series 15, 16 and the new blasting figures should arrive this weekend!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Anime Expo 2000 - Reporter Wanted

I posted this in the message board, but it seems important enough to post it here, as well. I would appreciate it if someone who is going to Anime Expo 2000 this weekend in Anaheim, CA, could do some reporting for the DBTI. If you are going, and are interested in helping me out, e-mail me at Thanks.

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Dragonball Toy Sale

Just a quick note—browsing around, I stumbled upon the fact that is having a pretty great DBZ sale, they don’t have much, but everything they have is half-price. Check it out while it lasts…

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New Irwin Site

Looks like Irwin Toy is finally revamping their website. Right now it’s just a preview page that says the new site is coming this fall, but if you hover over the arrow in the bottom left of the big image, a DBZ promo shows up in the center. About time…

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Housekeeping, and some questions

Just some housekeeping notes—I cleaned up the Irwin Coming Soon page a little bit, I’m still thinking of ways to rework it. Also, I’m starting to do reviews for the AB Super Guerriers Articule series, so if anyone wants to send in your reviews of these figures, go ahead and send them in!

Also, I’d like to get some general opinions on which sections are more in need of updating than others, so if you think that a certain section could be improved, or if you have an idea for a new section, e-mail me at Keep in mind, I’m just getting opinions at this point. Thanks.

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New Pix from the AB 2 inch series

I’ve added two new pix to the AB 2” Figures pages, those of set 26 and 29 (the Christmas set). Thanks to Great Sage for sending those in (I’m getting to everything, little by little).

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BK Toy Giveaway, New Contest Page

Finally, I have the new contest software up and running, and thus we have a new Contests page! The current contest, Create Your Own Character, ends at the end of June, so get those entries in!

The next contest, The Burger King DBZ Toys Giveaway, will start July 1. This is for the ENTIRE SET, unopened and complete with CCG Cards and Video Certificates (although the video offer expires on the 28th of June, so that point’s a bit moot). You can enter once a day, for the entire month of July, and at the end of the month, the winner will be randomly selected from all entries received. Tell your friends, good luck!

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NewsPro System up and running

I’ve added a new news update script to this page, so hopefully that should eradicate the opportunity for typos in my headines, i.e. “Sinday”, and wrong dates. Also, this will make it much easier to archive the news, which will begin with today’s posts.

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago…

###Edit 4/2/03###
Hot damn, you are a dedicated user, to have gone this far back through the news archives.

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Only 7 Days Left!

Just a reminder, folks: only seven days left in the “Create Your Own Character” Contest

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