An Update from Krypton

Greetings from Krypton Collectibles!

Some new items in stock:
-Alex Ross JLA series 1
-McFarlane Sportspicks Super Bowl sets - Fred Taylor & Byron Leftwich (free shipping!)

New preorders:
-Batman: The Long Halloween set
-Identity Crisis set
-Family Guy: Peter & Chicken fight 2-pack
-Marvel Minimates 10 sets
-Invisible Woman Statue
-Wolverine on skulls statue
-Hulk maquette
-Goliath mini-bust
-Electro mini-bust
-Optimus Prime mini-statue
-Wonder Woman mini-statue
-Catwoman mini-bust
-Buffy & Faith deluxe figures
-Charmed series 2
-LOTR Pelennor Fields & Lothlorien gift sets
-Marvel Select: Phoenix (both), Emma Frost (both), Symbiote Spider-man, Ultimate Carnage

Other Recent Arrivals and pre-orders:
-Green Lantern Rebirth set (In stock)
-Street Fighter 3 set (Full case also available)
-Family Guy 3 set (Full case also available)
-Mattel Batman Comic case
-Mattel Deluxe Batman Comic case
-Batman: Long Halloween set
-Identity Crisis set
-JLA Alex Ross 2 set
-JLA box set
-Secret Files: Rogue’s Gallery set

Krypton Collectibles

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