Dragonball Advanced Adventure

Dragonball Advanced Adventure is out for Gameboy Advance in Japan and Europe. It appears from current information that there is no planned Region 1 (North America) release for this game. That is a real shame considering the fact that Dragonball Advanced Adventure is such a quality title. A 2-D platformer in the same nostalgic tradition of the greatest offerings from the 16-bit era, this game has a lot to offer. Spot on intuitive controls, gorgeous sprite graphics, multiple modes, and lots of secrets to unlock. It is also the only game in recent years to be based off of the original Dragonball series. It covers the story from Goku’s meeting with Bulma up to the major battle between Son Goku and Demon King Piccolo.

Fortunately for those interested in obtaining this excellent game for thier collections, ol’ Akira has done the gruntwork and located two online shops that carry one of the two versions of this game and will ship to the United States. Let me tell you, this game is well worth the extra coin you will spend to purchase it.

Dragonball Advanced Adventure (United Kingdom Import)

Dragonball Advanced Adventure (Japan Import)

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