Dragonball Z Live-Action Movie!

Well, it’s started popping up everywhere from various sources.

IMDB has posted the Movie title for “Dragon Ball Z” This will be something that will be updated with new actors and cast and crew.

Sources say that Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) will play Goku and James Marsters (Buffy) has been cast as Piccolo.

Im not really sure what the orientation of the film will be, however as long as they dont rush it, it should be pretty decent. Check back here for more updates!


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New Dragonball Z DVD Seasons 1- 3 Available Now

Well it appears that all of the Dragon Ball Z Series eventually be made available in DVD format in Seasons.

Funimation Productions has finally started getting the right idea with the DVD Season Releases of our favorite Anime.

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Bandai America returns to the US with new DBZ toys

Action Figure Leader Bandai America Inc. Makes its Triumphant Return as the Property’s Master Toy Licensee

“Beginning Spring 2008, the Dragon Ball Z toy line will be reborn like no one has ever seen before,” said Colleen Sherfey, director of marketing, Bandai America. “With our expertise in action figures, existing fans will have their ravenous demand for exclusive Dragon Ball products satiated, while new kids will be drawn in by the unique play patterns and toys.”

Information courtesy of www.dragonballz.com

It is unknown whether these new toys will be rereleases of toys made by Bandai Japan, or if they will be all new toys for the US market. Considering the difference in collecting between the countries, fans in the US are likely hoping the figures will be in the 5 to 6 inch scale that Irwin and Jakks Pacific created previously.

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