Bandai S.H.Figuarts Piccolo!

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Best Piccolo Figure Ever?

Some out there are already hailing this Piccolo figure as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest Piccolo figure of all time! It looks like it has a truly formidable amount of articulation and detail, though I must reserve my full judgment of this guy until I see him up close…. S.H.Figuarts Piccolo comes with some great accessories, including 3 heads, two sets of arms, extra pieces for this cape, and lots and lots of hands! Will he be the next king of the Piccolo figures?!

Bookmark this entry | November 30, 2009 | Amanda Sukenick

Dragon Ball Real Works Series 09 Announced!

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Bandai Real Works Series 9

Bandai’s latest Real Works series consists of Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freeza (form 1) plus a variant without armor and finally 100% max Freeza in his final form.

The regular Goku is a great addition to the Real Works line as we have yet to get a normal Goku in any of the past waves. We came close with the Angel Goku in series 06 and the powering up Goku in series 08 but this is the first fully standard Goku in the line. Next up we get a Super Saiyan Goku in his famous “Are you talking about Krillin?!” rage from the Freeza fight. Also included is a Vegeta in his late Namek armor. There’s not too many figures of him in this get up so definitely a welcome addition. The only problem is that from the image it looks like they’re going with a light blue jumpsuit when it really should be an extremely dark, almost black, blue. Hopefully that’s something that will be tweaked before release. We also get a Piccolo sans his cape and turban, which is a first for this line. Also included are three Freeza figures. It’s nice to see they’re including both a Freeza form 1 with armor and a variant without. Finally my favorite figure in the bunch 100% max power Freeza. Again a really nice looking figure but I think he would look even better with the clear, transparent purple parts as they did on the last Freeza release from series 4.

All in all definitely a great bunch of figures to look forward to. Hopefully some better images will surface soon!

Bookmark this entry | November 09, 2009 | Michael Lubow

First Form Freeza and Zarbon figures to be in the next Banpreto HQ DX series!

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There truly aren’t enough Zarbon figures in the world, so kudos to Banpresto for adding one more to the ranks!

Little is yet know about these two new additions to the Banpresto HQ DX family, but I think everyone can agree that the photos above are pretty exciting so far! So few Zarbon figures have ever really been made, and a nice looking first form Freeza figure is always a gem. Can’t wait to find more pictures of both of these!

Bookmark this entry | November 07, 2009 | Amanda Sukenick

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