Gaiden is an android created by an alien race. The J'xhiau (ji-faw), a peaceful race, created Gaiden to protect their planet from invasion. His advanced A.I. enables him a personality, and the ability to tell right from wrong. His body is specially engineered to gather, absorb, store, and release energy. Plus he's been programmed with countless fighting techniques.


Gaiden was put to the test when Freeza's forces (w/o Freeza) attacked the J'xhiau home planet to claim it. Gaiden was able to single-handedly beat the army back and force them to retreat. As a matter fact, Freeza was going to personally take care of that planet after he was finished with business on Namek (but we all know what happened there!).


He's a very nice guy and doesn't enjoy fighting, but he will step up to the challenge when he needs to. He does enjoy adventure though and would one day like to explore the rest of the universe. Gaiden likes to read comic books and watch action movies (that all come from his planet of course).


Somewhere between level 2 and 3 Super Saiyajin.


Spiral Damnation: A blast charged and fired from the chest that looks like a huge spiral. When the victim is caught in it, they get a sensory overload. They're blinded, they hear an extremely annoying high pitched sound, and their body is slowly blown away.

Energy Hail: With two open palms outstretched, Gaiden can fire a continuous burst of small energy bullets that come down like hail. Each bullet can rip through a strong warrior.

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