Age: 23

Race: Human

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 135 lbs

Relatives: Krillin (father), Katrina (mother), Marron (half-sister)

Distinguishing features: Has no visible nose, constant chin stubble

Likes: ketchup flavoured potato chips, any dark cola, as long as it isn't diet, sleeping in the nude

Dislikes: insects, haircuts, cell phones (he thinks they'll give you cancer)

Other features: Math drives a special five-wheeled car made by the Capsule Corporation that can also be used as an aircraft or watercraft. Math doesn't have a steady job, but picks up part time work in the cities and towns that he stays in to pay for food and shelter. Math has learned to use computers fairly well and hopes to one day be a programmer, working for Capsule Corps. He has no intention of becoming a fighter like his father, although he is fairly skilled at fighting.

Personality: Math is a very private person. He doesn't like being in the spotlight, so he usually tries to just blend in with the background. Some might consider him shy, but he is rather outgoing when he feels like it. He has the same fear of women that his father, Krillin, has, so he doesn't get many dates. Math has a short temper, so he doesn't keep many friends, as they usually get fed up with his anti-social personality.

History: In the years between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Krillin felt he needed a break from training and fighting, so he took a little vacation and ended up in a city called Nerai. During his stay in this tiny community Krillin met a young woman named Katrina. Katrina was the most beautiful woman Krillin had ever laid eyes on, and he quickly forgot all his insecurities and got very close with the girl. Their romance was cut short, as Krillin was forced to leave the city of Nerai when the other inhabitants became jealous of Krillin's relationship with Katrina, a woman who all the men in the city would have loved to be with. Krillin said farewell to his lover and returned to Roshie's Island, only he left before he found out that he had impregnated Katrina with his baby. Nine months passed and Katrina gave birth to a baby boy, but sadly she died during the delivery. The boy was named Math by his grandparents and raised as a farmer. Math was never told of his father, and therefore never knew of the fighter's blood that pulsed through his veins. On his 18th birthday Math's grandmother was deathly ill. On her deathbed she told him of his father and of the tragic romance that he shared with his mother. Math now had a new goal in life. He left his farm and the city of Nerai to find his father. The trek was a long and hard one, having no knowledge of his father's whereabouts, Math traveled from city to city, country to country trying to find the man he knew only as Krillin. Picking up knowledge and skills along the way, Math grew into a fairly good fighter, although never mastering energy manipulation, he still practiced it every day. After the Boo Saga, Math made his way to Satan City where he heard tales of a group of mysterious fighters that fought in the Tenkaichi Budoukai one year earlier. One of the men's description was exactly like Math was told his father looked like, only he had hair now. Math continues his journey with new hope, knowing he will soon be united with his father.

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