Race: Saiya-jin female

Origin: Serori was born on Planet Vegeta, but was sent to the distant planet Arano sometime during Frieza's rulership of the Saiya-jin homeworld. Frieza had most femaile Saiya-jin sent away to reduce the threat of their high power levels and the possibility of giving birth of a Super Saiya-jin.

Background: Serori was a descendent of a powerful line of Saiya-jin trainers. She grew up on her own and later cut her hair and returned to Planet Vegeta, disguised as a adolescent male Saiya-jin, to be mentored by a Saiya-jin trainer. She eventually had to leave when her mentor found out her secret and then tried to destroy her. During this fight, Okura, her trainer, learned that she had used his training to grow more powerful than him resulting in her killing him to hide her secret. Unfortunately, one of Freiza's men witnessed the fight…

Powers: With the training she received, Serori developed her own technique. Hunted by Freiza and his warriors, she has outsmarted many foes by focusing on speed and powerful energy blasts from leg movements instead of brute upper body force. Her elimination energy kick can rip through any armor and although it works the best in open areas, Serori can modify her kick into a less powerful but as effective knee kick.

Misc: Serori eats more than Goku and Vegeta due to the increase metabolism her speed induces. Although she is a Saiya-jin and shows no mercy to her enemies, she has a good sense of humor and often uses this ability to put her enemies at ease. She uses this as a way to trick them into thinking she is a weak female before she moves in to use her lower body strength to destroy them.

Armor: She boasts a specially designed female Sayia-jin armor that gives her freedom of movement and smaller, flexible padding that still allows her to kick. Although she sometimes uses a scouter, she tends to be rather vain about her looks and doesn't like how the scouter covers her hair and ear.

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