Frequently Asked Questions

Is a store?

No, is not a store. We do not sell anything. All of the toys listed on the site are for reference purposes only.

Where can I buy the figures listed on

May we suggest our sponsors? You can find them on the side of the page.

I'm having trouble finding (insert figure). Will you help me find it?

Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the resources to help you in your individual quests to find the various holy grails of Dragonball toys. You might post your inquiry in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum on our message boards.

When will new toys be coming out?

See the release dates under the navigation menu on the homepage. All of the release information we have is there.

May I use images from your site?

Generally, no. A lot of work and money has gone into producing those images, and I am getting very tired of finding them on other sites. Please do not use any of the content you find here on any other page, rather, put a link to us, at

May I send in a figure review?

Be my guest, but please go over it for spelling and accuracy before you send it in. Any reviews that have to be overly edited will not be posted.

What is the Collector’s Database, and why is it seperate from the figure pages?

The Collector’s Database is an Action Online system that allows you to track your collection in the form of 'want' and 'have' lists. Future functionality will include a marketplace to buy and sell toys. While some Action Online sites use the Collector’s Database as their only figure archive, retains its original, pre-Action Online figure archives in addition to the Collector’s Database; however, each entry in the figure archive contains (or will soon contain) a link to the same item in the Collector’s Database.

What is the difference between the Irwin figures on a silver-logo card and Irwin figures on a red and yellow-logo card?

The two different types of packaging were originally released simultaneously. The silver logo cards went to specialty stores (comic shops, etc), while the red and yellow logo cards went to mass retailers. However, as more figures were released, this line became blurred, with specialty retailers getting colored logo cards, and vice versa. Since they apparently had trouble keeping the different packaging straight, Irwin discontinued the silver logo packages with series 4. In my experience, there is no real value difference between the two.

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