New York Toy Fair 2003 - JAKKS Pacific, Page 4

Q & A with JAKKS Pacific, part 2

Though the fate of IF Labs is still somewhat up in the air (as to whether or not they will continue to keep the brands seperate), they (FUNimation and JAKKS) are dedicated to keeping the 9-inch movie line going. Series 5, with characters from Movie 8 (Broly intro) is currently in development.

On the other hand, IF Labs Dragonball Series 3 is indefinitely on hold, due to difficulties in creating the characters to scale while retaining the $15.00 price point.

JAKKS is seriously considering adding chase figures to the Dragonball line, as an extra for hardcore collectors.

At the time of Irwin's bankruptcy, there was no series 12 or 13 product already made; all of the figures on display and those that will hit stores have actually been produced by JAKKS using the molds they bought from Irwin. All paint schemes are wholly JAKKS', not Irwin's.

Finally, the 5.5 inch Dragonball figures will have a matte finish, not the glossy finish found on the display figures.

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