Irwin Toys Has Special DBZ CCG Cards!

Irwin Toys will be releasing a special line of Dragon Ball Z action figures in late August.

Inside of each of these action figures is an awesome DBZ CCG exclusive promo card. These promo cards are specially printed for Irwin Toys and can only be found with their action figures. Each card is labeled with a special card number and only two are being released. IR1 is Super Saiyan Goku, which can be found with the Goku action figure and IR2 is Super Saiyan Gohan which can be found with the Gohan action figure. Don’t wait to get your very own Irwin Toy exclusive DBZ CCG promo card!

Source: Beckett Dragonball Z Collector

Posted by Jess Horsley on July 30, 2001 01:03 AM


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