New FUNimation/Irwin Toyco - Update

We previously linked to an article in Kidscreen magazine about a new joint toyco between Irwin and FUNimation. Here’s an interesting tidbit about this—it seems that in the joint venture, Irwin is bringing, among other things, both its connections to Asain production companies and its pre-existant distribution network, while FUNimation will be the primary creative (conception, sculpting, etc.) and decision-making force behind it. Furthermore, it seems that this new company will be geared a little more towards collectors (i.e. more detailed sculpts, etc.), while still keeping the toys fun for kids. Look for more details in the next few weeks, especially after Wizard World.

Also, one more thing—if you can get your hands on the actual Kidscreen magazine that the Irwin article originally ran in, it contains a full page preview ad for the new company, along with a picture of a new Goku prototype sculpt. Go, hunters—first one to send in a well-scanned copy of this ad gets a prize (well, maybe just a hearty thanks and your name on the site).

Posted by Jess Horsley on July 27, 2001 04:34 AM


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