Transformers PVC Act 4 Announced!

Takara has announced yet another wave of their extremely popular PVC Transformers, focusing this time on the Autobot City, Metroplex. Metroplex will come in six individually boxed parts, so the only sure way to get one will be to but the figures by the case.

Most of the other figures in this run are, unfortunately, re-uses of old molds. For instance, the Ultra Magnus (recolored silver here), Arcee (with Daniel here), and Thundercracker (Starscream mold) are basically the same figures that were released in set 1. The Rodimus figure is the same as the chase figure from series 2, with an opaque paint job rather than a clear one. And finally, the only real differences with the Prime and Megatron figures are new arms on old bodies.

However, fans will surely snap these up as quickly as they have the last three runs (the third of which is scheduled to finally hit this week), so if you want a box, you’ll probably have to pre-order it online, for roughly $65.

Click here to see the new figures!

Posted by Jess Horsley on June 26, 2001 02:38 AM


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