More information on Beckett Trunks figure!

I received more information on the Beckett Exclusive Metallic Trunks figure, which I’m passing on to all of you…

  • For anyone hoping that they could phone in their subscription and get the Trunks figure, tough beans… the figure is available ONLY from the card available in the next few issues of Beckett Dragonball Z collector and Beckett Pokemon Collector
  • While they’re not saying how many figures have been produced, they ARE saying that it’s a LIMITED supply run, and they expect to sell out quickly.
  • The figure will be shipping around the beginning of August
  • The figures will be packaged in a blister pack similar to the ones you see
    on store shelves. However, these Teen Trunks Metallic Exclusives will carry
    a special Beckett Exclusive logo on the packaging.
  • Anyone from any country can order this subscription to get this figure.
    However, payment must be in U.S. funds ONLY!!!
  • They expect this figure/subscription offer to sell out within a month or two.
    Send in your order early or you might miss this great opportunity!

Posted by on June 26, 2001 12:37 AM


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