Notes... READ OR DIE!!!

Hey all, here are some things I feel need to be addressed:

First off, people, don’t you think that if I had any more information on ToyFair or Irwin’s new stuff that I’d post it? My goal is to distribute information, not hoard it for myself. If you want more details about the show itself, check out their webpage.

Also, I don’t have solid release dates for Irwin series 17 or 18. I’m guessing that series 17 will be out sometime this month, but that’s just an educated guess, based on their announced “every six weeks” release schedule. Based on that, I’d project series 18 figures to be released sometime in March or April. And no, I don’t have pix of series 18.

Also, I formatted my computer this weekend, and in doing so, lost all of my e-mail from the past few days. If you sent me something that you think I really need to see, please e-mail me again. Thanks.

Posted by Jess Horsley on January 1, 2001 10:45 AM


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